Museums with virtual tours in Gran Canaria

Museums with virtual tours in Gran Canaria

Museums with virtual tours in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has a large number of museums that allow us to discover its history through them, even virtually.

Gran Canaria is steeped in history. An example of this is the number of museums on the island, where you can learn as much about the Canary Islands as you can about the popular characters who were born in Gran Canaria. If you don’t have time or simply can’t come to see them with your own eyes, don’t worry, because there are a variety of museums with virtual tours so that you can enjoy them from home.



Casa de Colón Museum

The Casa de Colón Museum was created in honour of Christopher Columbus after he passed through Gran Canaria in 1492 during an expedition in search of a new route to the East Indies. On his voyages to America, Columbus stayed in this large house. 

This museum, which tells the story of the discoverer of America, is located in the old part of the city of Las Palmas, Vegueta. It is divided into 13 rooms where we can find places such as libraries and an Americanist documentation centre. In one of these rooms, we can see the interior structure of the ships in which he sailed.


Museo Canario

museos virtuales Gran Canaria

Located in Vegueta, the Museo Canario is the ideal place to discover the history of the Canary Islands. It was inaugurated in the 19th century and is oriented towards scientific and cultural research into the prehistory and history of the Canary Islands.

It contains archaeological discoveries from the island, mummies and aboriginal skeletons, as well as an important Documentation Centre and a newspaper and periodicals library. Among the many collections it has, the Judicial Archive of Fuerteventura stands out.


Cueva Pintada Museum

museos virtuales Gran Canaria

The Cueva Pintada Museum is undoubtedly one of the most important archaeological sites in the archipelago. It is located in the municipality of Gáldar and its aim is to guarantee the conservation, research and dissemination of the archaeological sites it contains.

Discovered in 1862, the Cueva Pintada is known as the ‘Sistine Chapel’ of the ancient aborigines of the island. It has a glass bubble that allows visitors to touch the cave paintings without causing them any harm.

Museo Pérez Galdós

Dedicated to the Canarian writer Benito Pérez Galdós, one of Spain’s most important novelists in the 19th century. This museum, located in the historic Triana neighbourhood, was founded in 1954 by the Canary Islands Government. It was set up in the house where the Canarian writer was born, which allows us to get to know him better.

In its rooms we can find furniture, works of art, photographs, decorative objects, musical instruments, etc. When he died, his nephew donated the furniture from his uncle’s room to the Museo Canario, which will become part of the Pérez Galdós Museum, including the bed where he died.

Museo Elder de la Ciencia y la Tecnología

museos virtuales Gran Canaria

Just opposite the Puerto de La Luz we find the Elder Museum of Science and Technology. It is a very innovative museum where visitors can interact with the different objects that are there.

We can find from a fighter plane or a planetarium to an articulated attraction called Robocoaster. Without a doubt, it is a very special museum that is well worth a visit, even if only virtually.

Museo Tomás Morales 

Located in the house where the poet Tomás Morales was born, this museum is located in the town of Moya. In it, we can visit different rooms where we can find personal objects, pieces of art, documents, furniture, etc.

The museum also organises different activities such as the Tomás Morales poetry prize, the publication of monographs on Morales studies in the Tomás Morales Collection and other informative activities.

Museo León y Castillo

This museum, located in the historic-artistic centre of Telde, is a tribute to the brothers Fernando and Juan de León y Castillo, the latter being the architect of the port of La Luz in the city of Las Palmas. 

Created in the birthplace of the León y Castillo brothers, it houses important historical legacies, art and museum collections, as well as donations and deposits. 

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