The best museums in Gran Canaria to learn

The best museums in Gran Canaria to learn

The best museums in Gran Canaria to learn

Can you imagine going on a trip to a tourist destination and not finding any history of the place? It would be a bit weird, wouldn’t it? The islanders are proud of the art and literature, science and all the historical milestones that have happened here, that’s why there are many museums in Gran Canaria.

The advancement of technology has consequently caused the idea of the museum that we knew to evolve. Now, most of the museums in Gran Canaria offer virtual tours so you can see it from home.

However, this has not prevented the continuation of face-to-face guides for groups at predetermined times.

In reality, the museums in Gran Canaria extend beyond the facilities. There are archaeological sites, some on the beaches of Gran Canaria, as well as observatories and buildings that are part of history distributed in different parts of the island and that cannot be stored in any location.

After COVID-19, it has become essential to book your visit in advance to almost any museum, in order to control capacity and guarantee everyone’s safety.


Science Museums in Gran Canaria

Elder Museum of Science and Technology

The Elder Museum of Science and Technology offers a unique staging. For residents, this museum in Gran Canaria is the home of science, and all visitors can interact with each of the experiments.

You can, in the same way, learn about the universe with the Planetarium they have, get on the Robocoaster and learn about the latest advances in science and technology. In addition, they have a 3D cinema, rooms with temporary exhibitions, an area for cetaceans in the Canary Islands and a children’s area, apart from a section for workshops, conferences and business activities.

As a result, a visit to this museum becomes an unforgettable experience. In fact, it is possible to make school visits and reserve your ticket online.

It is one of the museums in Gran Canaria that is located in the capital of the island, next to the Santa Catalina Park, a few steps from the El Muelle Shopping Center.

Of course, learning has never been so much fun!

Museums in Gran Canaria of Art and Literature

Due to the large number of museums in Gran Canaria of Art and Literature, we have decided to divide this section into two parts. First, we will talk about the Literature museums on the island and, later, we will comment on the Plastic Arts museums in Gran Canaria.

Museums in Gran Canaria of Literature

Pérez Galdós House-Museum

Benito Pérez Galdós was a Gran Canarian writer of relevance in Canarian literature, therefore, his house became one of the most important museums in Gran Canaria.

It is a precious asset of the Historical Heritage of Gran Canaria. The Pérez Galdós House-Museum was built to be used as an educational tool. In reality, it has become an area full of knowledge, where debates take place and social bonds are created.

Currently, the House-Museum has a 3D Tour of the building where the most significant milestones of Mr. Pérez Galdós are detailed interactively.

Tomas Morales House-Museum

Tomás Morales was one of the most outstanding poets of the Spanish-speaking modernist movement. Moreover, in his poems, he used the sea and aspects of nature characteristic of Gran Canaria to express his feelings.

As in Pérez Galdós, the Tomás Morales House-Museum offers the possibility of taking a 3D Tour of the museum from an electronic device. If you want to see it, click here.

The Tomás Morales House-Museum is located in the family home of the poet, in Moya.

Museums in Gran Canaria of Plastic Arts

CAAM – Atlantic Center of Modern Art

In 1989, the Atlantic Center for Modern Art opened its doors to share and involve, in the same way, all citizens in the visual arts, artistic culture and critical thinking.

With all this, CAAM holds temporary exhibitions with works that are produced each year on the premises. This center has created a video with 3D technology so you can see its halls and exhibitions virtually.

If your curiosity is piqued and you want to learn more about virtual arts, you cannot miss this museum in Gran Canaria.

Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art

The Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art is one of the main attractions of the capital, located in the Patio de Los Naranjos built in the 17th century.

In this museum, they exhibit in their exhibitions portraits of bishops made by recognized artists, microimagery (images of reduced dimensions) and goldsmith pieces, among other samples that this place awaits.

La Regenta Art Museum

Founded in 1987, the La Regenta Art Center dedicates its space to sharing works of contemporary art.

It is one of the museums in Gran Canaria whose activities are open to the public and, for the most part, are free of charge. It is also a perfect center for guided tours in groups or schoolchildren.

In addition to being able to see the art gallery, book presentations and art workshops are held on the premises.

Fundación para el Desarrollo de la Pintura

The Canarian Foundation for the Development of Painting (FCDP) has an educational objective and, therefore, shows the collections that have been acquired over the years in temporary exhibitions.

Contrary to many, the foundation usually invites artists to show their works in these exhibitions, a fact that does not happen in all the museums in Gran Canaria.

CAP – Plastic Arts Center

The Plastic Arts Center also promotes works of contemporary art by residents of Gran Canaria.

On the other hand, in Tafira, the Plastic Arts Center has created an Engraving Workshop, whose mission is to train and support artists in this sector.

museos en gran canaria

Museums in Gran Canaria of Sculptures

Martín Chirino Art and Thought Foundation

Martín Chirino was a Gran Canaria raised on the north coast next to Puerto de La Luz. His family was always linked to the field of shipyards, therefore, it caused Chirino to know how to use tools from an early age. However, this caused him to devote himself to the craft of wood and iron.

In reality, this history, in combination with the Castle of Light, ended up giving rise to the Martín Chirino Foundation for Art and Thought. It exhibits 25 works of different formats, mostly sculptures.

It is possible to make a virtual visit through its website or at this link. You will be able to see each room of the premises, as well as their amazing works.

Abraham Cardenes Sculpture Museum

Next, the Abraham Cárdenes Sculpture Museum is lucky enough to be located in one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, in Tejeda.

In addition, in this museum are the works of the most distinguished creators born in the municipality of Tejeda and relevant Canarian sculptors of the 20th century.

museos en gran canaria, museos en tenerife

History Museums in Gran Canaria

Museo Canario

museos en gran canaria

Firstly, the Museo Canario is located near Plaza Santa Ana in Vegueta, where the Gran Canaria Histórica excursion takes place. Inside, the space is wide and they have exhibitors where the different samples are located.

In addition, it is possible to book a guided tour for school groups or to do it electronically with the virtual tour.

In the facilities, as in almost any museum in Gran Canaria, there is a section dedicated to the sale of souvenirs or memories of the visit to the museum.

Naval Museum of Las Palmas

The Naval Museum is located in the Arsenal of Las Palmas, within the military installations. In fact, it contains the History of the Canary Islands Maritime Zone dating back to 1918.

It has seven rooms in addition to the lobby. You will be able to see the military arsenal such as their uniforms and helmets, in addition to the ship models that were used in the 18th century.

Cueva Pintada Museum and Archaeological Park

Interpretation and conservation are two of the missions of the Cueva Pintada Museum, located in the municipality of Gáldar.

With its numerous pre-Hispanic sites, the center aspires to become an establishment open to the public and, therefore, a reference in the study of the colonies that took place on the island.

It is part of the group of museums in Gran Canaria with a virtual visit available on its official website.

Casa Cuevas Ethnographic Museum

The Casas Cuevas Museum in Artenara is made up of three houses, whose interior maintains the traditional furniture of the area and its time.

What’s more, this enclosure represents the life of the ancient Canarians: the materials they used, what they did on a daily basis and how they did it.

If you want to know how past generations lived, this is one of the museums in Gran Canaria that you must visit.

Zafra Museum

Located in the city of the wind, Vecindario, the Museum of La Zafra exhibits part of the furniture and tools related to the process of growing and selling tomatoes, as well as the vehicles where they were transported to the packing houses and export ports.

In addition, they have a separate section to disseminate the importance of water in crop irrigation for its proper development. The Zafra Museum has an old-fashioned well with a depth of up to 85 meters, in which all the machinery and instructions for use are also preserved.

Columbus House

Christopher Columbus made a stop in Gran Canaria to repair one of the rudders of his ships on his journey to the East Indies. As a result, the Casa de Colón museum was founded in his honor.

This gave rise to the museum being oriented towards history, since it houses nautical tools, historical cartography and sculptures, among other goods belonging to the Cultural Heritage of the Canary Islands.

Before reading on, take a virtual tour of the Casa de Colón here.

museos en gran canaria

Agüimes History Museum

The History Museum is installed in the Episcopal Palace of the Villa de Agüimes where the 5 centuries of history of the municipality are collected until the middle of the 20th century.

In its 8 rooms the origins of the Episcopal Lordship of Agüimes are collected, the territory and population where it took place, the groups of society present in history, the conflicts and migrations, the predominant thought, the agricultural and livestock economy and the commercial industries and artisans.

In 2019, the Agüimes History Museum is one of the museums in Gran Canaria that has received, together with the Guayadeque Museum, the seal of the Comprehensive Tourist Quality System in Destination awarded by the Gran Canaria Tourist Board.

Municipal Museum of Arucas

In the iconic old town, there is the Municipal Museum of Arucas, whose building is worth admiring.

The masonry walls, stonework decoration and wooden floors are part of the museum in which the mastery of the English, Swiss or French style can be seen, as well as in the layout of the space.

The Municipal Museum of Arucas has a symmetrical garden with a viewpoint, a fountain and a pavilion that conveys a romantic air.

If you want to visit the wonderful rural towns in the north of Gran Canaria, we invite you to take this excursion with us, click here for more information.

Nestor Alamo Museum

The Néstor Álamo Museum is located in Santa María de Guía, where the History of Music in the Canary Islands is exhibited.

The samples exhibited in this museum in Gran Canaria have defined the Canarian music and culture that we know today.

Néstor Álamo dedicated his life to recovering traditions and propagating the history and culture of Gran Canaria.

Other museums in Gran Canaria

There are museums in Gran Canaria that do not fit into any category like the Casa-Museo del Vino, as it provides a gastronomic experience. This is located in Santa Brígida and is an ideal space to taste authentic wines with Gran Canaria Designation of Origin.

museos en gran canaria, museos en tenerife

Archaeological sites, observatories, cathedrals and churches

museos en gran canaria

There are a thousand forms of art and history that many times, if it is not in a museum, we do not appreciate them. For example, Pozo Izquierdo holds 11 Aboriginal graves known as burial mounds distributed along the coastline. They are located next to the Salinas de Tenefé, enabled since the 18th century and considered a Site of Cultural Interest.

The same occurs with the Punta Mujeres Field, located on the same Paseo de Meloneras; the Ansite Fortress, on the way to the town of Santa Lucía de Tirajana; the Temisas Astronomical Observatory; and the churches and cathedrals spread throughout the island of Gran Canaria.

For this reason, we have created an excursion through the neighborhoods and towns with the greatest historical content on the island. Learn more here.

If you want to know in depth the history and culture of the island, these are the museums in Gran Canaria that you must visit. Do not forget that on any trip or excursion you may come across small island landmarks of great relevance. Finally, I invite you to continue reading about Gran Canaria, as well as the places of interest that we recommend you visit.

Map with the museums in Gran Canaria


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