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Jet Ski Base Tour Fuerteventura


He's only got the elementary:
- Wear your swimwear or light clothes that can get wet. You will go without shoes and with the life jacket that we will give you. If you wish, you can also wear your sunglasses, cap, etc.
- On request we can deliver a neoprene. (The sizes as in clothing are usually small. We can not always have the ideal for each type of body)
- Bring some dry clothes, so that, under your towel, you change for the return to the hotel.
- All your belongings can stay on our platform, vehicle or on the monitor's boat, such as dry clothes, your towel, mobile phones, etc. If you are going to leave something of great value to you, or in case of any doubt, discuss it with the monitor.
(Don't think about taking your mobile, it will get wet with salt water and when you record you will stop enjoying being the protagonist of this story).
- We recommend that you apply sunscreen "before leaving the hotel and not at the time of departure". This method is much more effective to protect you from the sun.
- You can bring your camera or video if you wish, although we will take care of capturing images for the memory of this experience.


- Transport of clients. Previous agreement if it is of long distance
- Lifejacket to aid buoyancy
- On request: Neoprene / Boots / Snorkeling equipment (for exclusive tours).
- Company CR Insurance
- Company Accident Insurance
- Specific RC insurance according to the regulations of each jet ski
Does not include: Not described



There are many triggers that can prevent us from always capturing images, photos or videos, such as the state of the sea, the type of camera that we have that day, special attention to the group or a specific participant, etc .... the occupation of staff in other matters for everyday work, the saturation of the summer months by increased activity, weather, breakdowns such as getting wet or damaged a camera or any of its components, rust and deterioration by continuous contact with the salt of our equipment ... etc.. It may even be that, if images or videos are captured, a different type of camera is used every day. and therefore different qualities of image and sound.

The capture of images of each tour, by the Black Crab team, will correspond to the capacity and will of the monitor of each day, according to the particularities of each tour. To send them to each participant of the tour if they are made, is a voluntary act of whoever makes them, because they dedicate their free time for this laborious action, which entails time and personal dedication for a non-remunerated work. Take photos and videos during the tour "It is not required by Black Crab to our team", at least be a reason for demand or complaint by any client.....

Capturing good sequences during a tour is complex, you will see us working and you will understand it, it has risks for our teams. Today, for some of the people who visit us, photography seems to be more important than the activity itself. If you are one of those who need photos or videos and in the instant ... take your own photos during the sporting activity. We will help and advise you to capture memories and not lose your mobile phone, Gopro camera or any other type you bring ...



*Price of the Jet Ski Tour: 130 € (All inclusive - no surprises)
Duration of activity: 1 hour minimum time of actual use of the jet ski + time for a swim in the sea + transfers from and to your hotel, requires between 2 and 3 hours)
Schedule: 08:00 ; 10:00 ; 12:00 ; 14:00 ; 16:00 (The schedule is variable by particularities)
Normally we have two morning and two afternoon departures.
You don't need a license or experience to drive a jet ski!


Personalized tour

You don't need a license or previous experience!

This is our specialty, you pay, so that we personalize your adventure and obtain unique experiences, truly exclusive, designed by you with our advice and with our continuous company during the development of the activity.
Our language is Spanish (we are native islanders), we speak basic English, although we could hire a native guide who speaks your language, if for you it is an essential requirement and you think that the activity you want to plan so requires it.
To book a PERSONALIZED TOUR you must call us directly or go to your Tour Guide or Hotel Reception, so that you can interact with us in the creation of the idea and preparation of the budget.
In general the price will be the multiple of hours dedicated by the unit value in €/hour and by the number of jet skis to use. Here we include the time counting from the departure of our location until the return, to compensate the possible displacements by road with vehicles and trailer of our products, up to the place of performance. You will not have any expense if the departure is made from our base port.
We can drive by road moving our motorcycles towards any port of our island or move by ferry from Canary Islands shipping companies to any other such as Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Tenerife ... to enjoy wherever you choose the activity we plan.

You can schedule your activities for a day or for those you choose ... Visit the island of wolves, sail to Lanzarote, travel miles of deserted beaches, go to coastal restaurants ... We will make for you services such as special meals, barbecues of freshly caught fish or make you a paella in isolated places ... book accommodation at points of the journey, to continue the next day with our journey ... you decide ... with your desire for adventure, money and our predisposition, everything is possible.
With this pack, you will be able to create unique and totally exclusive and personalized guided excursions to wherever you want. From one hour of service, to indefinite time.
Once the budget has been accepted, you will have to deposit in the bank account that we will provide or pay your tourist guide, as a minimum the percentage that we will indicate you.
The development of the activity, will be the one that corresponds to take the ideas to the reality.
Prior to departure:
- We will plan, budget and once closed, by delivery to total or partial account, the agreement is valid.
- You will fill in a basic form with your personal data and pay the total or the difference if you had already made an initial delivery.