Camel Park

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Maximum capacity: 90 people

Minimum booking1 person

Languages: Spanish, English.

Days the activity takes place: Daily.

Cancellation Policy
If you want to be reimbursed in full, cancel at least 12 hours before the start date of the activity

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Sunset and Stars

 What is the experience?
Enjoy the Teide National Park and its colors at sunset with Sunset&Stars, our guided excursion to Teide at night to enjoy the sunset and the stars on Teide. Experience the thrill of watching the sunset from the highest peak in Spain with the cable car at sunset and watch the stars from one of the highest quality starry skies in the world.

Forget about the car to visit Teide at night. This Sunset&Stars Tour with astronomical observation includes transport for small groups so you can spend more time enjoying the excursion and its stops en route with the guide on the way to the Teide Cable Car to comfortably climb to 3. 555 m high and enjoy the spectacle of the Teide's shadow casting itself in the horizon over Gran Canaria and the highest sunset in Spain from the path to the Mirador de Pico Viejo, with the 800 m diameter crater of this volcano at your feet and views of some neighbouring islands such as La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma if the weather conditions allow it.

Hand in hand with our guides, you will discover all the volcanic wonders of the surroundings of the imposing path to the Mirador de Pico Viejo which, with the lights of the sunset, acquires a chromatic and scenic beauty that will remain etched in your retina.

After the sunset and before you start seeing the stars on the Teide, you will have some free time to eat something. And if you don't want to take your food with you, remember that you can book the activity with a picnic included - we also have a vegetarian option!

When you think you can't absorb any more excitement, the spectacle of the Teide's sky will surprise you in the parking lot of the Cable Car's base station, but you will be ready! In the astronomical observation included in this Sunset&Stars Tour our Starlight guides will discover the secrets of the Teide's sky, one of the three best on the planet along with Chile and Hawaii and from which it is possible to observe 83 of the 88 officially recognized constellations.

With the last generation professional telescopes that you will have at your disposal during the astronomical observation of this Sunset&Stars Tour to Teide at night you will discover planets, galaxies and clusters as you have surely never seen before in a tour of the most interesting celestial objects of each night. You can be sure that the professional astronomical instruments and the quality and transparency of the sky of Tenerife's peaks will make you enjoy a unique experience.

  • Transportation for small groups
  • Cable car ticket at sunset for up to 90 people, separated by language
  • Guide in Spanish or English
  • Picnic (optional)
  • See the stars on Teide with long-range telescopes and Starlight guides

What you should know before booking:

  • Children under 8 years old are not allowed on this excursion to Teide at night.
  • Since the excursion includes the use of the Teide cable car, people with cardiovascular problems or pregnant women are not allowed to go on the excursion due to the risk of health damage due to the altitude.
  • People with health problems should consult their doctor before starting this excursion to Teide at night.
  • According to the current regulations, physically or motorically handicapped people are not allowed to go up by cable car either, due to the reasons derived from the risks of evacuation. 
  • It is important to take into account that in the event that the facilities stop working for unexpected technical reasons, people who are in the upper station should make the descent on foot through mountain paths of steep orography.

Where and at what time is the pickup:
The pick up time will be between 14:15 and 16:30, depending on the sunset and the actual pick ups of each day. We will inform you of your pick-up time by email and/or SMS so please check them. For this reason, we need you to provide the hotel or address where you will be staying and a cell phone number when you book.

Where the delivery is made and at what time:

At the same pick-up point.

Minimum number of participants: 1
Maximum number of participants: 90