Camino de pastores

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We will walk on an ancient path of shepherds where we will be able to
to have the privilege of enjoying one of the activities that characterizes the
pastoralism on the islands and that fewer and fewer families support: The
Transhumance. On our way we will meet Angelito and his family.
faithful shepherd dog moving sheep cattle on their daily path between
some areas of pasture and others. This will be the ideal time to start
conversation with him and learn firsthand something more about the mode
life of the local people and how it has changed in the last few years.
years, if he has...

Continuing on our way we will pass by the edge of a precious
volcanic caldera and by a peaceful pine forest of canary pine, for next
advance through a natural plain where every morning he grazes and is milked at
hand the cattle until arriving at our final destination, the house and cheese factory where
are elaborated the famous sheep cheeses of the place. There they will receive us
Tania and Francisco (son of Angelito), who in spite of their youth are
betting strongly to maintain this ancestral way of life and to elaborate
one of the best sheep's cheeses on the island, innovating from tradition.
Witnessing the hospitality that characterizes the people of the island.
place, we will spend a pleasant time visiting the surroundings of the cortijo,
learning how cheese is made and how goats are milked,
visiting also the natural cave where slowly they go aging the
Our "journey" will end, of course, with a tasting of the
different types of cheese that are made there, accompanied by bread
Juncalillo, seasoned tomatoes, nuts and wine from Gran Canaria.


  • Transport
  • Official guide interpreter of the footpath;
  • Management of visits;
  • Picnic;
  • Product tasting;
  • Civil Liability Insurance;
  • Accident Insurance;
  • Taxes;
  • Exclusive service for clients of the Hotel Santa Catalina Barceló.

It is recommended to bring:

  • Cap;
  • Sunscreen;
  • Rain jacket;
  • Coat;
  • Attack backpack;
  • Hiking shoes.

Difficulty of the path: Low (4 kms aprox.). Distance and difficulty can be increased depending on the client's profile.

*Note: Between the months of September and December is not guaranteed that
cheese in the cheese factory, because they are months in which the sheep are to
point to give birth and no cheese is made. Instead, the tasting is
with some other cheese of the zone or as similar as possible, being
always Gran Canaria cheese.