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115.00 €
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Canyoning - Canyoning for children - Adolescents - Adults.

"A family activity, everyone can do it""Don't worry about the safety of your children, your children".
We do not assume any risk with your children and they are under the care of a professional monitor recognized by the climbing association.
We will climb easy routes adapted to the level of the participants. The maximum number of participants will be 6 people.

In order to carry out the activity it will be necessary to have 2 certified climbing instructors.
"There will also be a third person present to help when necessary. As mentioned before, your safety is our priority."
We will provide you with all certified climbing equipment.
We pick you up with our private van and other canyoning enthusiasts we explore.
It is an unknown fact that Tenerife is a hidden paradise for its hidden canyons, we will explore and climb them.
You will return home with a story to tell.

Included in the above price:

- 2 Instructors
- 1 Observer
- Insurance
- Equip