Castillo San Miguel

23.00 €

 Due to compliance with COVID19 containment measures, some activities may be affected.

Maximum capacity: 55 people

Minimum booking: 20 person

Languages: Spanish, English, German, French

Days the activity takes place: Thursday and Saturday

Cancellation Policy
If you want to be reimbursed in full, cancel at least 12 hours before the start date of the activity

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San Miguel Castle

 What is the experience?
As soon as you enter the castle you will realize that you are in a real medieval world. Count Don Rodrigo and his daughter the young Countess will welcome you to their castle, whose entrance is decorated with armour, swords, chests and writings of the time.

Count Rodrigo's kind subjects will take you to the Tournament Hall, where a show of medieval fights and games will take place in the presence of the Counts in their box.

During the Tournament the banquet will be served, just as it was in medieval times. The soup is drunk directly from the bowl and a chicken with its garnish is eaten with the hands. Dessert and drinks complete the dinner. From their seats the Count's guests will see the whole tournament, since the long tables and benches and the visibility are optimal.

The sand track where the horses and riders perform is 50 meters long, and the capacity is for 1100 guests. Normally after the Tournaments the guests move to a second room, the Ballroom, which has a capacity of 800 visitors.

The Ballroom, as Count Don Rodrigo calls it, has a large stage, where guests can dance and celebrate the victory of the winning knight.


  • Dinner

Where and at what time is the collection:
The pick up will be just outside your hotel around 17:30-18:30 for those clients who have hired a bus.

Minimum number of participants: 20
Maximum number of participants: 55