Tickets HANGAR 37 - Campo de batallas

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A theme park taking care of all the details so that the client can immerse themselves in an incredible adventure, fighting in a friendly and painless way with other users just as he would connect to his console but ... in REAL WAY!

The game decoration is unique and developed specifically so that the games have an unbeatable dynamic. More than 10,000 m2 of town with various heights, houses, basements, tunnels, trenches, military vehicles, planes, a boat, a real tank and much more make the experience unrepeatable.

Our activity is highly recommended to release stress, socialize and get fit.

CHILDREN: It is not very healthy for a child to spend many hours in front of a console without exercising or interacting with other children, even the violent content of some video games is not recommended for their developing minds. We offer you an option to play something similar but with other children while doing sports and new friends, taking care of the dynamics of the games to promote good values ​​and discard any war or violent component.

ADULTS: It is practically impossible to think about problems or work while playing in our Theme Park, in the hours that you spend with us you disconnect completely from everything and you focus on playing and enjoying. The best: you exercise, you release stress, and you release endorphins that make you feel great and want to repeat with us, it's proven!

Do not limit yourself, whatever your age or sex, it is suitable for everyone, each player chooses his rhythm. Even if you have a physical disability, our monitors will be happy to help you get over it.


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