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"Infinitely fun and flexible with the Jetovator, if you can ride a bike you can ride the Jetovator."
"Despite its impressive aerial capabilities, it's actually incredibly easy to learn to operate.
The idea of swinging over a moving hose sounds impossible, but it provides such a stable platform that we can train anyone to operate it safely and competently in ten minutes.

Jets can reach forward speeds of 40 km/h and pilots can navigate discomforts for long distances. Jets are limited to a height of 9m and can also dive underwater for short periods of time. Expert pilots can also perform freestyle tricks, but we recommend that they only be attempted by well-trained operators in a safe and free environment from any other people or craft.



- Instructor.
- Jetovator.
- Transport.

Combine the jetovator with another activity, while your family is anchored on a private yacht, you and the rest of the family can ride a bicycle.