Jungle Parc

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Duration: 2.30h approximately
RESTRICTIONS FOR CHILDREN: Minimum age for combination: 12 years and
1m50 minimum height.

OUT! Last departure for COMBO: 16h (summer time)

Our priority: SAFETY. Haven't you ever harnessed or used a harness?
some carabiners?... It's all right! All the material is delivered by JUNGLE PARC, only
it is necessary to come with clothes and sports shoes. A team of monitors will explain everything to you.
necessary and will practice in a test circuit, before launching...



Explanation Tour

Explorer: Continuous route with 2 levels of difficulty in the
same circuit. 40 exercises between 3m and 10m high: bridges, nets, swings, skateboarding,
stirrups, a bike and lots of zip lines!


Recommended route for people with little or no experience in this type of carabiners.

activities: families or groups with people of different levels.

Restrictions for children: In order to be able to do the EXPLORATOR tour, the children
must meet the following conditions: Measure 1m35 minimum / Minimum age 9 years. The
children under 11 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at height. (1 adult
for every 3 children maximum).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Children under 16 years of age will not be able to access the park without
Accompanying adult (The adult must be present throughout the duration of the trip)

Explanation Extreme Tour

Tour much more difficult and sportier than the tour
"Explorer." A total of 37 exercises for the most intrepid between 3m and 10m high:
Hanging and very shifting bridges, lianas, fireman's ladder, stirrups, snowboard... and
as a Tyrolean reward of more than 100m! BORNACK CARABINER SYSTEM

OUT! It is a circuit that we do NOT recommend to people without experience in this type.
of activities.

Children: to participate in the "Extreme" tour, children must meet the following conditions
following : Measure 1m50 minimum / minimum age 12 years.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Children under 16 years of age will not be able to access the park without an adult.
accompanying person (The adult must be present during the whole duration of the activity).