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Kayak en el mar

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KAYAK on the sea

You will be able to discover the warm coasts of the island of Gran Canaria paddling on board a kayak in a very peaceful and pleasant walk that will take you to beaches impossible to access from land.

Our kayaks will be prepared for 2 people so they are specially designed to go as a couple or with a friend or family, turning the activity into a team practice.

Equipped with a double-paddled paddle, the kayaks are easy to steer, although we will familiarize you with them first so you can adapt quickly. The kayak trip finds a perfect combination with other activities that can be done in the coves that we will visit like snorkeling, freesbee or just resting in the sand.


These are our routes through the waters of Gran Canaria:

  • The Haystack-Mountain Arena.
  • Tasartico-Guigui.
  • Mogán-Perchel-Veneguera
  • Chira Dam
  • Dam of the Girls
  • Mogán-Puerto rico.
  • Sardinas del Norte-Agaete

Kayak is an activity for the whole family, it is only essential that you know how to swim and you will be prepared.

What includes?

Double Kayak
Available languages: Spanish, English and German.
  • The date of the tour is subject to modifications according to weather conditions.

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