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Observación astronómica en el Teide

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Make your dream come true to enjoy the Universe in a professional way and from one of the best places in the world to fulfill it: the Teide.

Accredited guides await you who will reveal the secrets of the Universe, professional telescopes that will allow you to see with your own eyes and very closely those celestial objects that have been fascinating you for so many years and the pure and clean sky of the Teide National Park, from where it is possible to contemplate 83 of the 88 officially recognized constellations and from where, in summer, you can enjoy the clear vision of the Milky Way.

A fascinating astronomical observation in the Teide to enjoy the most starry Tenerife.

Do you always wonder which star or celestial body will be that there that shines so much or how big or small it looks?

With our Starlight guides you will stop asking yourself, because they will take care of discovering all the secrets of the Universe.

Are you fascinated by the fact that ancient civilizations were guided by the stars, and have you always wanted to be able to do it yourself?

Our guides will teach you to orient yourself thanks to the firmament and, moreover, if you have always been passionate about Greek mythology and constellations, in astronomical observation on Teide you will glimpse the elements of Hellenic mythology hidden behind the constellations and the relationship between them.

Take advantage of our latest generation telescopes to discover planets, galaxies or clusters as you have always dreamed of doing and from one of the three best places on Earth to do so.

You will be able to use these instruments to take a tour of the most interesting celestial objects of the night and, in addition, our monitors will provide you with interesting information about the objects you observe through your eyepiece.

The stars closest to you with professional telescopes

Our astronomical observation on the Teide, which includes the deployment of professional telescopes, is carried out in the car park of the Cable Car base station.

The astronomical instrumentation that you will have at your fingertips together with the quality and transparency of the sky of Tenerife from the Teide National Park, far from the light pollution of the big cities, will make you enjoy, with security, a unique experience in which it will seem to you that the stars are almost at your side.

Also enjoy your astronomical observation if there is a full moon.

It's inevitable. The Moon goes through different phases during lunation, its 29-day cycle.

Thus, at least once a month, the intoxicating glow of our planet Earth's natural satellite will obscure the dim light of distant celestial bodies.

If you reserve our astronomical observation on the Teide and enjoy it on a full moon night, you will take advantage of its radiant presence to delight yourself with its spectacularity: craters, mountain ranges and other lunar wonders.

What are they? On the Moon are the Tenerife Mountains, Monte Pico and the Piazzi Smyth crater.

If you didn't know and we have left you with the doubt of why they receive these names, sign up the question to formulate it to our guides in the night of your astronomical observation by the Teide.