Observación astronómica

30.00 €

 Due to compliance with COVID19 containment measures, some activities may be affected.

Maximum capacity: 30 people

Minimum booking: 1 person

Languages: Spanish, English, French or Italian

Days the activity takes place: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday

Cancellation Policy
If you want to be reimbursed in full, cancel at least 12 hours before the start date of the activity

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Astronomical observation

 What is the experience?
A fascinating astronomical observation on Teide to see stars in Tenerife, you always wonder which star or celestial body will be that one that shines so brightly or how big or small it looks?
With our Starlight guides you will stop wondering, because they will discover all the secrets of the Universe in this astronomical observation on Teide.

Our guides will teach you how to orient yourself thanks to the sky and, moreover, if you have always been passionate about Greek mythology and the constellations, in this experience to see the stars on Teide you will get a glimpse of the elements of Hellenic mythology that are hidden behind the constellations and the relationship between them.

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art telescopes to discover planets, galaxies or clusters as you have always dreamed of doing and from one of the three best places on Earth to do it.

You will be able to use these instruments during this star observation in Tenerife to make a tour of the most interesting celestial objects at night and, in addition, our monitors will provide you with interesting information about the objects you observe through the eyepiece.

This star observation on Teide will allow you to enjoy the clear starry sky from the parking lot of the Teleferico base station, at 2,536 m of altitude, with powerful professional telescopes.

The astronomical instruments that you will have at your disposal during this astronomical observation in Tenerife, together with the quality and transparency of the Tenerife sky from the Teide National Park, far from the light pollution of the big cities, will surely make you enjoy a unique experience in which it will seem that the stars of Tenerife are almost by your side.

  • Professional observation of the Universe
  • Long Range Telescopes
  • Route to Pico Viejo Viewpoint
  • Accompanying guide in Spanish or English

What you should know before booking:

Children under 8 years old are not admitted to the astronomical observation activity. Documentation must be presented to prove it

Where and at what time is the pickup:
There is no collection.

Where the delivery is made and at what time:

The starting time of the activity of astronomical observation on Teide varies depending on the time of the year, depending on the sunset. It is necessary to arrive 10 minutes before the time indicated on the voucher at the Teide cable car parking. You will have to wait in front of a closed barrier for a member of Volcano Teide to come and welcome you.

Minimum number of participants: 1
Maximum number of participants: 30