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Paseo en barco con el velero Récord Flounders

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Before sailing, customers receive a brief introduction to safety regulations and on-board service, as well as information on the course of the excursion, weather forecast and the direction we will take.

We raise the sail and navigate the incredible landscapes of the coast of Fuerteventura, white sand beaches and emerald waters, in search of dolphins, whales and turtles.

The client has the option of taking the helm and listening to the whisper of the sea waves, while the sea breeze caresses their faces. Thanks to the depth of the rudder and the wingspan of the wheel of our sailboat, you can clearly perceive the flow of the sea rubbing its hull as it moves through the blue sea.

We anchored in the middle of the crystal clear waters in a beautiful bay for swimming and snorkelling.

After having enjoyed the activities and the snack, we head towards the pier where our bus waits to take you to your corresponding hotels.


• Transfer (zone Costa Calma and South) round trip
• Drinks (cava, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, beer, water, white wine, rosé wine,)
• Snack (Pringles, Tapas, Olives, selection of majorero cheeses, with hummus and quince jam)
• Snorkel tubes and goggles 
• Accident insurance
• Patron



Morning Excursion (in summers):

  • Departure: 09:30*
  • Arrival: 13:00

Afternoon Excursion (summer):

  • Departure: 14:30*
  • Arrival: 18:00

Sunset Excursion (summer):

  • Departure: 18:30*
  • Arrival: 21:00

Winter Excursion:

  • Departure: 11:00*
  • Arrival: 14:30
* Departure times subject to change