Quad Teide

130.00 €

 Due to compliance with COVID19 containment measures, some activities may be affected.

Maximum capacity: 30 people

Minimum booking1 person

Languages: No language

Days the activity takes place: From Lunes to Saturday.

Cancellation Policy
If you want to be reimbursed in full, cancel at least 12 hours before the start date of the activity

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Quad Teide

 What is the experience?
You can start the pleasure of riding a quad bike by taking a fantastic ride through an exceptional area: the Teide National Park.

Discover the two most famous volcanoes of the island, the Chinyero volcano and the Teide volcano. In groups of up to three quads, we will take you to discover the pinewoods and on the way we will stop at the Chinyero volcano where the last volcanic eruption took place on the island in 1909.

This is a route guided by our professionals, one leading the quad excursion and another at the end, so at all times will be accompanied and safe in the knowledge that they will help you with any problems that may arise.

You will discover the Canarian pines, an endemic species of the Canary Islands, with more than 600 species of flowers and plants, a unique vegetation that will wake up the nature lovers...
A ride on a quad in complete safety led by an experienced guide who will explain the different characteristics of the Kimko 500cc quad and its fabulous all-terrain capabilities, an excursion open to all, with no particular difficulties for a maximum of 3 quad bikes.

  • 3 hours route in Quadindivual or double depending on the ticket

Where and at what time is the pickup:
Consult collection, available only in certain places in the South.

Where the delivery takes place and at what time:
At the same collection point.
Minimum number of participants: 1
Maximum number of participants: 30