Ruta a caballo

30.00 €
Selection of rates

A must-do once-in-a-lifetime experience: a route on horseback around the Grancanarian landscape. A luxurious trip to remember.

Enjoy the great climate of the island, its nature and the freedom of horse riding safely and for as long as you like. Choose the horse that suits you best and be amazed by the feeling of shared complicity with these wonderful animals.

What’s included?

  • Hotel Transfer
  • Choose whether if you prefer the one-hour tour or the two-hours tour.
  • Professional assistant.
  • Complementary riding equipment. 

*Children under 4 years can participate for free.

**The pickup from Mogan is only available for the 2h tour.

***The resident rate does not include transfer service.

  • itación.

Visit days

Every day.


1h excursion -> 13h, and only summer 19h

2h excursion-> 10h y 16h

 Pick up in front of the hotel Boabab pick up for (1 hour riding) is at 12:30 and (for the 2 hour riding) 9:30.