Rutas en Aventura Lanzabuggy

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It is not just another ride, you can carry out a novel excursion to the highest level, driving this all-terrain car with major differences, from the high competition design of some models of buggies with engines of 800 cc and 4 times that have adjustable suspension with 4×4 four-wheel drive, to the simplest of our catalog displayed on the Aventura Lanzabuggy online site.

We trace the safest routes throughout the archipelago, so you can have a complete view of the wonderful spaces of Lanzarote Buggies.
We organize routes of great difficulty if you decide a more complex experience, without leaving aside the conditions of total security.

Compared to quad bikes and karts on open circuits in natural areas, they give you a greater feeling of freedom at the speed you prefer. In addition, they are safe on all models and avoid possible overturning or skidding when turning abruptly, because their center of gravity is optimal to be in a position close to the surface, either earth or asphalt.

In Lanzarote Buggies with current models you can try the routes and cross the whole island, from Puerto Calero to contemplate the wonders offered by nature in this environment. You can advance following our guide through the Natural Monument of Los Ajaches, Playa Quemada, Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen and other locations where you have the possibility of accelerating without problem.

Mainly, to travel through the rocky or complicated areas we recommend you slow down with our Buggies Lanzarote .

Visit in Buggies Lanzarote the mountain paths through admirable regions, where forests and landscapes predominate, you can pass through different environments, hermitages or different isolated farmhouses.
We have a means of transport that pleasantly surprises tourists, who recommend accelerating and feel the wind of freedom during the most visited volcanic routes. Our attention to the client with affable treatment adds a plus of quality to the service, next to the economic costs that we offer. Contacting with our company we accompany you to know each place, now with the benefits of this activity so requested by thousands of visitors annually.


Special tracks

You can go on tracks specially designed for the best planned tours with all the information you need about this fantastic excursion.

Different itineraries

We cover different itineraries with this all-terrain vehicle that you can choose in different models, some more or less robust, but they are totally safe with engines from 250 to 500 cubic centimeters and reach between 50 and 80 km/h approximately.

Exclusive access

We know that tourists appreciate the stories of the city, while sharing adventures they will never forget, some away from traditional roads to have exclusive access to various mountain tracks and other ideal destinations in Buggies Lanzarote.

Hidden corners

Driving the buggy in a simple way, as our experienced instructors will explain to you, you will be able to jump on the route and know the operation of this vehicle that only requires a driving license to move through hidden corners.