Submarine Safari LNZ

34.00 €
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The clients will be picked up by bus, taken to Puerto Calero and escorted in to our reception center.  Here we hand out boarding cards and give a brief info about the day. People will have a few minutes to enjoy a drink or a snack in our Nemo´s café, look in our souvenir shop, or discover the marina. 15 minutes before the dive we show a safety video, and directly afterwards we escort the group to the submarine. Everybody will be allocated their own seat, two people in front of a porthole of 80 cm ensuring total viewing pleasure to the outside underwater world. The submarine is built and designed for safety and total comfort and once boarding is completed the underwater adventure starts.  It is a smooth and gentle journey under the waves, and you will be taken down to 30 meters depth. Each dive carries an experienced tour guide who will give a comprehensive explanation about all the wonders you will encounter. You will see amazing marine life in its natural surroundings and a couple of shipwrecks resting on the seabed. The submarine will also be parked on the bottom of the ocean for a few minutes. It is an amazing and unique experience. After the dive passengers walk back to our reception center to collect a free dive certificate and to purchase a souvenir photo if they wish. Then people have a little free time (30 min) in the beautiful marina before the bus returns.

Pick up

We pick up from Costa Teguise, reef exchanger, Puerto del Carmen, and Playa Blanca I enclose the price and schedule list, you will see all the collection points there.


English, German and Spanish in general every day, but there may be places available or not according to the advance notice with which you reserve.

Polish on Fridays

Finnish and Swedish on Thursdays.

French on Wednesdays and Fridays, sometimes on other days too


Photo camera.

** Children under 2 can not travel

Price includes roundtrip bus transportation to Puerto Calero,

Safari with the submarine lasting 1 hour with the boarding and disembarkation included, diploma of the immersion and 30 min free time in the marina.

submarino en la marina

IMG_5487 inside red int