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The Ethnographic Park Pirámides de Güímar was founded in 1998 by the renowned Norwegian researcher Thor Heyerdahl. Throughout more than 64.000m2 you can discover the pyramid complex, a museum, an auditorium, several outdoor routes, large garden areas and much more.

The Casa Chacona Museum is found on the ground floor of a nineteenth century house.

Outdoor Routes

Botanical Route
The Canary Islands have a high proportion of endemic species and plant communities that live only in the islands or are shared with other Atlantic islands.

Exportation Products Route
The Exportation Products Route concentrates on the main products which have been exported from the Canary Islands since the time of the Spanish conquest, such as sugar cane, wine, cochineal, bananas or tomatoes.

Cultural Route
The Cultural Route comprises a new outdoor route, which offers information on many aspects of the culture, history and ethnography of the Canary Islands, during the 500 years since the conquest.

Volcanic Route
This new route explains the volcanic origin of the archipelago, showing the geologic formation of the Canary.

The exhibition 'Colonizing Polynesia

Rapa Nui
Extreme survival ' brings together two great exhibits dedicated to the navigation and discovery of the Pacific Islands, culminating in the history of Easter Island.

Poison Garden
This interesting natural scene, beside the park's footpaths, is unusual in that it houses over seventy poisonous plant species from around the world.

The sustainable Garden
Developed in collaboration with the University of La Laguna is an attractive space that reproduces throughout 1,000m2 a typical Canarian ravine, with flowing water and the characteristic plant species found in these environments. Also, specimens of the European eel have been introduced, since it is the only freshwater fish present in the islands.

English, Spanish and German.

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Redeem type: Printed Voucher. Print and bring the voucher to enjoy the activity.
Meeting point: Calle Chacona s/n Güímar, Tenerife
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