Guided Drivers

42.00 €
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Guided Drivers

Starting at 42€ | Up to 10 Dives! | Add a boat dive to your package!

  We have a selection of dive places of different depths and difficulty levels adapted to everyone. Because of the volcanic formation of the island there are many striking geological features to enjoy, from towering columns of basalt rock, to caves and swim-throughs formed by rapidly cooling lava or pockets of gas.


We go dive three times per day. We always have the option of a third dive in the afternoon or a night diving excursion if the book is for two people or more. We choose the best places depend of your certificate and experience but always finding safe and fun. 
Diving Insurance Mandatory unless you have own diving insurance.
To go in a boat dive, minimum 2 dives at 9:00 and 12:00 (Pack 2 dives).


  • Instructor guide
  • Transport
  • Tank and Weights
  • Drinks
  • Digital photo book

For health reasons, after a dive must pass between 12h/24h before flying or make a displacement that entails a great change in altitude (for example, the ascent to Mount Teide).

Quality diving experiences for certified divers. Fun and safety guaranteed.