8 excursions in Gran Canaria to make your trip memorable

8 excursions in Gran Canaria to make your trip memorable

8 excursions in Gran Canaria to make your trip memorable

Do you know that feeling when you wake up and, before you hit the ground with your feet, you already know that the day is going to be good? That is what happens to us Canarian residents living in an eternal summer and being surrounded by fields and beaches. You too can have that perfect moment of joy and motivation by planning excursions in Gran Canaria.

It is possible because the same thing happens when you come on vacation. The simple difference between seeing the island and living it is signing up for excursions in Gran Canaria to make your visit an amazing adventure.

If you want to get to know the island from another point of view, the following 8 excursions in Gran Canaria that we present to you will help you make your trip memorable.


Venice in Gran Canaria

excursiones en gran canaria

To begin with, we have thought of adding a visit to the most beautiful coastal towns on the island to your agenda. An excursion in Gran Canaria that will take you through a relic from the Sahara, the Maspalomas Dunes; our little Venice, Puerto de Mogán; the Maspalomas Lighthouse, and you will have a choice: visit the Mogán Mall or Amadores Beach. We anticipate that both options are “the correct one”.

This outdoor experience is perfect for a group experience. Book now a Friday of your stay to take a walk through our beloved Venice.

Route to the center of the island, excursions in Gran Canaria

In this second excursion in Gran Canaria we propose something different. For 8 hours, we will go around the most attractive Canarian dams.

First part

You will discover the hidden beauty of the island and you will be able to verify for yourself the natural wealth that it possesses. We will pass through the Barrio de San Juan and the Barrio de San Francisco, in Telde. We will continue through the Caldera de los Marteles, one of the most characteristic nature reserves on the island, until we reach the highest viewpoint in Gran Canaria: Pico de las Nieves.

At this point, we will make a stop because we know that it will be inevitable to take your mobile to take photos of the magnificent panorama that you will find. From here, you will be able to see the wonderful Roque Nublo which is symbolic of the island. Moreover, the magic of this landscape does not end here. If the weather conditions allow it, you will be able to see the largest volcano in Spain in the background: Mount Teide in Tenerife.

excursiones en gran canaria

Second part

Our next stop will be at Cruz de Tejeda. Upon arrival you will know that you are located in the very center of the island. You will be surrounded by a mountainous landscape and fresh air. We will continue the road to Fataga, a town where time has not passed because it still has its traditional Canarian appearance and a valley with palm trees worth admiring.

Finally, before returning to the hotel, we will pass by the Degollada de las Yeguas Viewpoint which, despite its name, the viewpoint provides extraordinary views of the so-called World Biosphere Reserve.

If you want to know the true secrets of the island, this is one of the excursions in Gran Canaria that you cannot miss. The price includes lunch, a guide and transportation to each of the aforementioned stops.

Choose a Tuesday or Friday of your vacation to visit the splendid views of the interior of the island. Get more information about this excursion in Gran Canaria.

2x1: Palmitos Park + Aqualand

excursiones en gran canaria

If there is something better than feeling the adrenaline running through your veins, it is that you can get more for less.

You may not understand now, but you will understand when we explain that you can go to the two most amazing theme parks on the island saving up to €10. How do you read it!

For us, there is nothing more fun than spending a family day at Palmitos Park and Aqualand, which is why it is one of the excursions in Gran Canaria that we recommend you do. Choose the two days you want and join this experience!

Five Star Catamaran Experience, excursions in Gran Canaria

Did you like what you’ve seen so far? Well, that’s nothing. At the Five Star Catamaran Experience we offer you more than a simple boat ride, we offer you 4 and a half hours with access to an open bar of drinks (beer, sangria and soft drinks), lunch, and water activities such as snorkeling where you can enjoy of the seabed, and a ride with Banana Ride. All this is included with the General Ticket.

For the most passionate, we have a VIP Ticket which, in addition to all of the above, adds access to a Balinese bed, priority boarding, a towel and we give you a premium bottle of wine or cava.

You only need a swimsuit, a towel and sun protection for this excursion in Gran Canaria. Enjoy a pleasant morning on the Five Star Catamaran Experience. Choose a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday for this experience.

Cabrio Tour, excursions in Gran Canaria

excursiones en gran canaria

Let your hair down: your convertible moment has arrived! With these excursions in Gran Canaria you will have the opportunity to feel like in a movie.

Show off driving through the impressive valleys and roads of the mountains of the island. For 5 hours, you will have the opportunity to drive a Volkswagen Cabrio through the towns in the interior of the island with the greatest Canarian culture.

This excursion is to be lived in a group, either with your friends or family. 4 people can go in each car and the excursion includes a typical Canarian picnic, drinks, insurance, protective glasses, a professional guide and pick-up at the hotel.

Book your Cabrio experience from Monday to Saturday with us.

Sioux City

We have stolen a little piece of the old west and we have brought it to the island. Did you think that Gran Canaria could not be more interesting?

Move to the American West in a snap of the fingers with this excursion in Gran Canaria. From the outside it is a theme park, but as you enter it becomes a reality and you become part of the town.

In this park you can see how the Sheriff of the town fights against the outlaws and other shows. In addition, you can dress like a real cowboy, meet all the characters and corners of the town, enter the canteens and shops of the old west and enjoy the animal farm (goats, chickens, ponies, cows…)

Stranger awaits you! Do you sign up for this wild adventure?

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, make your ticket now!


excursiones en gran canaria

A simple beach day in Gran Canaria can become the most amazing beach day of your life with parasailing. Still don’t know what it is?

Parasailing is the experience that will make you fly over the sea. With unshakeable security and aboard a speedboat, you will rise 15 meters above sea level and begin to sail through the sky.

For 12 minutes you can feel like you own the air and enjoy the unique sensation of freedom on Arguineguín beach. They can go up to 2 people and 3 depending on the weight.

We invite you to fly through the air in the safest way we know. What day are you coming to the beach?

Dolphin and whale watching

For the more romantic, we recommend excursions in Gran Canaria such as whale watching in their natural habitat.

We will dedicate 3 hours to navigate the Canarian waters that surround the coast and we will observe the incredible marine mammals jumping and enjoying the nature that surrounds them.

Open your eyes wide if you see one! They are social animals and that implies that they move in groups. If there is one, there are probably more nearby.

This experience is also ideal to live as a family with children and to reflect on the lifestyle of other living beings.

You can now buy your pass for dolphin and whale watching from Monday to Saturday.

Have you imagined an amazing trip? These activities are what you need to experience the island in your own skin and to get to know it much more than just visiting the beaches of Gran Canaria or the shopping centers.

Plan your week on the island with these excursions in Gran Canaria to make your trip much more fun and unforgettable.

By the way, do you know how you could complete the experience even more? Tasting true traditional food in Canarian food restaurants. Thus, when you return home, you will have touched Gran Canaria with all your senses.

Map with excursions in Gran Canaria


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