The 15 most outstanding beaches in Gran Canaria

The 15 most outstanding beaches in Gran Canaria

The 15 most outstanding beaches in Gran Canaria

From our Canarian heart, these are the 15 beaches in Gran Canaria that we recommend you visit on your trip around the island.

Gran Canaria, with 47 kilometers in diameter, is described by many as a mini continent for having green areas and beaches in a very small space. However, the beaches of Gran Canaria are very different from each other and radiate a unique beauty.We find more than 100 beaches in Gran Canaria that offer a different and unparalleled experience due to the climate and the average temperatures that surround their municipalities throughout the year. However, we highlight 15 of them that deserve special attention for their great recognition nationally and even internationally.


15 beaches in Gran Canaria that you must visit

Don’t be surprised when you visit the beaches in Gran Canaria. You will see the variety of activities that both tourists and locals enjoy doing under the sun and the good weather. Let’s get to know these 15 beaches of Gran Canaria up close.

Las Canteras Beach (Las Palmas)

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The beach of Las Canteras is the most precious treasure in the capital of the island by its inhabitants. It has more than 3 kilometers of sand to walk, perform a multitude of activities and where stress does not take place. It is recognized for being one of the most important beaches in the country for its good climate all year round, which makes it a magnet for tourists. Las Canteras is one of the beaches in Gran Canaria with an Environmental Management System that supports the quality and guarantees the safety of the area, being awarded the Blue Flag and the Q for tourist quality.This beach has become an iconic leisure and recreation area on the island where the inhabitants can not only walk, shop and sit down for a drink, but also practice a wide range of sports, from water such as surfing, swimming, kayaking; even terrestrial (walking, jogging, beach volleyball…) The beach of Las Canteras shows us stunning views throughout the day and year, as it allows us to admire the beauty of it. One of the most incredible features is the bar that runs along half the beach in parallel acting as a breakwater and, when at low tide, it becomes a natural pool that makes it even safer for bathing. In Las Canteras we find an avenue that accompanies us on our walk along the beach and offers us all kinds of shops: fashion, restoration and other more specialized services. In addition, it has at its northern end the Alfredo Kraus Theater and the Las Arenas Shopping Center.

Maspalomas Beach (Maspalomas) – A 'must go' of the beaches in Gran Canaria

Maspalomas is one of the most beloved cities by locals and tourists who visit the island. Its radiant sun and easy access to Maspalomas beach makes it one of the places to visit at least once in a lifetime. The beach shines for its characteristics by providing a unique ecosystem thanks to the Dunes and the Maspalomas Pond where multiple marine species and birds live. Since before 1890, the Maspalomas Lighthouse accompanies the beach illuminating it at night and guiding the boats from Europe bound for America that, over the years, has ended up being a spectacle worth seeing for visitors and thus favoring the nightlife along the Meloneras promenade. The Maspalomas Dunes and the Maspalomas Lighthouse are two of the stops that you can enjoy in the La Venecia circuit of Gran Canaria. Maspalomas offers all kinds of activities from surfing on the beach, going camel safari through the dunes to riding the attractions of the island’s theme parks: Holiday World and Aqualand. Maspalomas beach has the perfect combination of shopping, restaurants and leisure in the vicinity, offers space for sports and nudism; and joins Playa del Inglés in the well-known Punta de Maspalomas. If you are traveling around the island, this beach in Gran Canaria is a ‘must go’ on your list of places to visit.

Puerto Rico Beach (Mogán)

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Familiar, quiet, wide and without waves are the words that visitors use to describe the beach of Puerto Rico. It is located in a valley and seems to refuse to spend a day without sun. Thanks to its location, the beach of Puerto Rico is pure rest and relaxation. No one looks at the clock and the head stops spinning after a dip in the Atlantic Ocean. It is ideal for families where children can bathe safely and sunbathe with sun protection. In Puerto Rico you will find different extraordinary activities to do with your children in the Angry Birds Activity Park, or with your friends practicing water sports in this combo of 3 activities. For those looking for a quiet and familiar atmosphere, Puerto Rico is waiting for you.

Las Alcaravaneras Beach (Las Palmas)

The beach of Las Alcaravaneras is perfect when you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and the overcrowding of people in the same corner. It is part of the group of beaches in the capital of Gran Canaria. Las Alcaravaneras is characterized by the colorful boats lying on the blond sand that create a maritime atmosphere. The beach has a park on the sand for children. In addition, you have the possibility to practice sports such as swimming in open water and playing beach volleyball with friends or family. Right next door, you will find the Sports Pier of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Varadero Maritime Club.

Playa del Inglés (Maspalomas)

Playa del Inglés is a true destination being visited by locals and tourists throughout the year. With its privileged climate it is one of the beaches in Gran Canaria with renown. Touring the shore of Playa del Inglés on foot is medicinal and worth enjoying once in a lifetime. There is plenty of space for tourists and locals to live together and play sports in the water or in the sand. Playa del Inglés shares the dunes with maspalomas beach as well as the recognition for being nudist beaches in Gran Canaria. Annex I and II is an area for shops that are on the beach. We can find bazaars, restaurants such as the Hard Rock Café in Gran Canaria and hotels nearby. Best of all, you can tour Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas on an electric scooter or scooters. For the more sporty, we recommend the rental of bicycles.

Anfi del Mar (Arguineguín) – A 'must go' of the beaches of Gran Canaria

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Anfi del Mar beach is a dream come true, it takes you to the Caribbean in a few minutes. The artificial sand makes the crystal clear water shine and the background is much clearer. Anfi del Mar does not know what a cloud or a bad day is. What Anfi gives you you will not find anywhere else: a calm sea, tranquility, relaxation and fun at the same time. For many, Anfi del Mar is more than a beach. It is a shopping mall, a water play area in Watersports Gran Canaria or a day of rest in paradise… What’s more, if you stay in the hotels in the area, you will wake up to a smiling sun that will tell you the great day you will have with fantastic views full of life.

Amadores Beach (Mogán)

Amadores beach is made for those who seek total disconnection from everything that happens outside. It transmits calm and tranquility to those who visit it. The use of the umbrella, sunglasses and sun protection is almost mandatory. Due to its location, it is one of the beaches in Gran Canaria where the sunsets are beautiful. They look a deep orange color and, depending on the time of year, have views in the front row of Mount Teide in Tenerife. On the beach of Amadores we also find a water sports center that differs from the rest by the characteristic mat in the water that you will see active 365 days a year for those looking for a dip full of fun. At the right end of the beach we find Amadores Beach Club for those who want a day of relaxation something more exclusive. On the other hand, at the other end there is a promenade with hammocks and a pier where the locals take the opportunity to jump into the water. In La Venecia de Gran Canaria you can choose to visit Amadores Beach or the Mogán Mall. Amadores beach will provide you with an experience that you will not forget.

Puerto de Mogán (Mogán) – A 'must go' of the beaches of Gran Canaria

Mogán, in addition to being a municipality of the island, amazes us with magnificent views combining countryside and beach in a few hectares. While bathing on the beach of Mogán you can enjoy the views towards the interior of the island with mountains that, from below, look like giants. If you like to see the animals in their natural ecosystem, you can do it with the dolphin watching from a modern and luxurious yacht. Puerto de Mogán is characterized by the number of hotels installed in the valley. The port itself serves as an inspiration for artists who want to photograph the picturesque streets of Mogán, a symbolic place on the island. In addition, it is the main stop of the route The Venice of Gran Canaria, being the Puerto de Mogán our little Venice.

Pozo Izquierdo (Vecindario)

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Windsurf lover? Thanks to its location and the similar wind that accompanies it, Pozo Izquierdo is known worldwide for being the best beach for windsurfing, even more than those of Fuerteventura. Not to go any further, in the last 26 years, it has been chosen by professionals to celebrate the World Windsurfing Championship. Those who are passionate about this sport will have heard of it at some point. It is impressive how thousands of people gather on this secluded beach, which not long ago, was a real riddle to reach it.

Playa del Hombre (Telde)

With its 525 meters, the beach of «El Hombre» is located in the municipality of Telde, east of the island. Residents are proud to be able to say that it is one of the best preserved and quiet beaches in Gran Canaria in the municipality. Due to the waves caused by the wind of the area, it is usually practiced surfing. Its sand is darker and finer than the southern beaches. It is not usually crowded but it is not solitary either, having a medium and high occupancy depending on whether we are in winter or summer, respectively.

Tufia (Telde)

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The beach of Tufia is located in the town of the same name and, although it does not cover kilometers of sand, it is a place that does not lose the authenticity provided by the town. You could say that Tufia is the «Santorini of Gran Canaria», full of beauty and brightness of its own. The beach of Tufia is characterized by its scarce exploitation due to the scarce space that there is, causing an increase in the marine life of the area. If you are traveling around the island and want to know the coastal towns, Tufia is, without a doubt, one of the beaches in Gran Canaria that you have to visit. Don’t forget your diving goggles!

La Garita Beach (Telde)

Local and familiar is the Playa de la Garita in Telde and joins the list of beaches in Gran Canaria that have a Blue Flag.It is perfect both for those who want to take a bath and for those who want to walk and enjoy the views at the Mirador de la Playa de La Garita. One of its most peculiar features is the urban location of the beach, the naturalness with which resident families will spend the day and the Bufadero de La Garita that is located nearby.

Playa de Arinaga (Agüimes) – A 'must go' of the beaches of Gran Canaria

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Known for being located in an industrial area and being one of the windiest, Arinaga Beach remains one of the most visited by locals on days of intense sun. It is a coastal town and whoever has a house on the first line, is the envy of many. Arinaga is where you can wake up one morning and watch the sun rise uninterrupted and, at night, watch the moon reflect off the water. The calm transmitted by the sound of the sea 24 hours a day compensates for the wind in the area. Arinaga Beach is another destination that you can not miss if you want to know the lifestyle of the residents.

Melenara Beach (Telde)

Melenara beach is one of the largest in the municipality of Telde and is located just across the cape where Salinetas Beach ends. Unlike the other beaches of Telde, Melenara Beach has a sculpture inside the sea and represents Neptune, the god of the seas and waters. The beach of Melenara is one of the beaches in Gran Canaria where you can breathe a familiar and safe atmosphere. Telde provides rescue service on all its beaches. In addition, the local gastronomy is just a few steps from the beach.

La Laja (Las Palmas)

The beach of La Laja is one of the beaches in Gran Canaria within the capital, which being on the outskirts of it, has become the least touristic beach in the city. With its warm black sand and the ample space available, La Laja is perfect to give yourself a day of rest from the stress of the city without leaving it or a day at the beach with your family. It has natural pools for the safety of the bathroom of the little ones. Can you imagine playing in the sand without disturbing anyone? Thanks to its spaciousness and the low occupancy of the beach, in La Laja you can practice all kinds of sports, on the sand or in the water, without interrupting the rest of others. Well, what do you think? This has been the list of the 15 most outstanding beaches in Gran Canaria . From our Canarian heart, we recommend that you visit and enjoy a unique experience in each of them. If you have come this far, it is because you have a lot of interest in Gran Canaria.Therefore, I invite you to continue reading about what this island can offer you.

Map with the most outstanding beaches of Gran Canaria


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